Brochures, Business Cards, Billboards, Web Sites, Restaurant Menus, whatever! I don't think of myself as just a designer/developer, but as a creative problem solver. I like to build relationships with my clients, try to understand their business; then I can provide practical solutions that are relevant. Many designers just look at projects as a way to win awards, my designs focus on the client and their needs, not a panel of judges.


This stuff doesn't just make it's self. Managing projects and deliverables is a critical part of the equation. With well over 20 years experience, I have meet a few people, and learned a few things along the way. So getting things printed is no problem. Providing a virtual home for that new website, piece of cake. Knowing which printer, which server, what application, how to make it all work, or keep it all from going up in flames is where the knowledge and experience count.


Yeah I am a Geek! and my clients appreciate it. Think you can get by with $5 hosting? doubtful. However, hosting doesn't have to drain the bank. Who better to know what kind of hosting your site needs than someone who actually builds them? Every site is different and requires hosting to meet its specific needs. Need to survive a social media blast? Got a data heavy site? Maybe a static HTML site? How about just email? I can help with that!

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