I am an independent designer/developer. In the past I have worked for some of the big guys and on some huge projects. I got tired of every project being on fire and not being able to interact directly with clients. There were just too many layers. Now I work one on one with my clients, getting to know their needs, identifying the problems, and developing solutions together.

My work centers around results, not awards or fads. My process starts with questions, often lots of questions. Then on to pencil, paper and an eraser. The eraser is a critical tool, iteration works through the problem and seeks a solution. Sometimes that takes time. Erasing pencil marks is quicker and cheaper than deleting files and code. Once I pick up the mouse, the iteration continues. I believe in an Agile workflow. Client testing and input begins very early. It is much easier and cheaper to change directions early, rather than later.

I enjoy building relationships and solving problems. What problem can I help with?


Internet and new media are my primary focuses. Print and photography are also areas I routinely work in, often blending the three together to meet a clients needs.

In the past I have also done the following:

  • Lead Developer and mentor for two years to a boutique ad agency.
  • Contracted to one of the nations top ten largest independent advertising agencies, filling a critical gap while they restructured.
  • Information Architect for a major trade publication company, responsible for several prominent web properties.
  • Interactive Designer with another ad agency ranked in the top 30 US interactive agencies, serving multiple Fortune 500 clients.
  • Creative Director for niche development company, overseeing all creative aspects of projects.
  • Art Director for smaller ad agency serving local clients.

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