Master Wok - Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

The most recent version of the dinner menu has been designed to give a classic, under stated feel. Aged paper backgrounds mimic old parchments, and simple bamboo elements were photographed for the cover. The idea is to capture traditional Chinese inspiration, while avoiding the cliche. The metallic characters on the cover reference modern steel sculptures displayed at the restaurant locations. All food photos were shot on site, with no fake ingredients. Printed on 12 point gloss cover and gloss UV coated to protect from accidental spills and wear.

Master Wok - ValPak Coupon Inserts

ValPak Coupon Inserts

A variety of coupons that have been created for distribution in coupon mailers. While the mailer companies can handle the delivery cost effectively, their creative services often leave a bit to be desired. In this case I created a collection of coupons based on existing art and supplied press ready PDF files to the mailing companies to print and deliver. The customer benefits from superior art, delivered at a price they never could achieve if they tried to mass mail directly on their own.

Master Wok - Carryout Menu

Carryout Menu

Looking for something a bit different, this carryout menu uses double gate folds to unfold from 4.75" x 6" to 18.5" wide. This allows a lot of information to be wrapped up in a compact, and easy to handle package. A 100# satin text was specifically selected to make the images pop, yet be easy to read. A satin aqueous flood provides durability and avoids smudging.

Master Wok - Website


For two decades I have worked with Master Wok to develop the brand for this local chain. The primary purpose of the site is to provide location and menu information; thus reducing basic phone inquires and provide a more robust on-demand menu. The site also show cases an abundance of photos I captured of their amazing creations.

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